October 2018

Instagram Marketing

Why I Buy Instagram Followers Sometimes

Using social media for marketing is really an important part of my work. I run my own business selling healthcare products for a network marketing company. I really believe in the products and I use them in my life. They are my livelihood and a big part of my lifestyle.

In order to leverage this passion for success, I make this reality clear when I post on Instagram. Every follower that I have knows that I truly walk the walk, I do not just talk the talk. I truly believe that I sell some of the best health products on the market and thus, I convince others of the same.

You really have to believe in what you are doing to make social media marketing work in your favor. It is a fine balance between business and personal posting that you will need to maintain. It is really a full time job to get Instagram followers instantly.

Honestly, the best way to get followers so fast is to buy them. While that might sound crude to an extent, it really is not. People look at how many followers you have and are getting for given posts. It really matters and the catch is that you need a lot of followers to get even more.

That is where the trick comes in and it is exactly why I am professional about buying followers at times. I find that, if a post is not doing so well and it is a good one, I can simply buy a following for it and the other posts after it. That usually creates the motivation for more to follow organically.

When I started doing this, I must admit that I was desperate. My leads were not so good and my sales were low. I had just started out and had really put too much money into inventory and advertising so I needed to find solutions fast.

That is when I discovered how well social media can work for marketing. It started with me doing some Facebook posts to promote my products among friends. The idea was that they would spread the word and some of them did.

However, I quickly learned that I needed to focus my social media marketing more and keep it above casual. I decided to buy followers as needed so that my posts would at least rank higher. One day, after buying 100 followers for a photo, I noticed that there were suddenly twenty more.

That twenty became fifty and then another hundred and then even more. Since I was very concise with my bio and included my email list sign up on it, many of these followers got on my email list and became solid leads as well as great customers.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to get Instagram followers instantly. You have to be sharp and smart while posting excellent photos and using good captions. It is also wise to follow up on any comments that people leave.

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