September 2018

Instagram Marketing

Building up the Instagram Likes

I have found more than a few ways to get likes on Instagram but the real gist of it is all about being creative with a sense of humor. If you take all of this too seriously and personally, you will lose confidence really fast.

In a way, the popularity contest of Instagram is worse than high school. One moment, you can be loved and liked all around and the next everyone starts ignoring you. I used to wonder if there was something wrong with me until is got smart and learned how to detach.

In fact, you can create a little bit of distance and gain an advantage in the beginning if you buy cheap Instagram likes and see what happens. It is interesting to watch how your fake likes make a difference. At first, when I tried this, I really thought it was going to do no good and possibly cause harm.

I could not have been further from the truth. It worked to bring in more organic likes and it did so quickly. I have to wonder why but the best I can say is it must be about the image. Just like in high school, it isn’t about being smart or cool it is about being with the in crowd.

The good news is that, on social media at least, you can buy your popularity to a certain extent. It is all about the looks and nobody is going to be prying into your information to see if you can attach an identity to each and every like.

Instead, people are more likely to just follow your posts if they are already liked by many. So the goal here is to be well liked as much as possible. You will need to do more than buy likes and keep your fingers crossed in order to do this though.

Everything that you post from the photo to the caption needs to be crisp and clear. It needs to be smart and call to the emotions. The photos that you use really need to make statements with clarity and poignancy. Without that, they are dead in the water even if you do buy cheap Instagram likes.

On the other hand, when you are posting great images with creative captions and the two are really eye-catching, then you will be on your way to being well liked. The likes will start pouring in especially if you give the situation a little push with some purchased likes.

As you do gain organic likes and followers, be sure to engage the audience. Thank people for liking and reply to comments as much as you can. I make this a very clear point to do every day and, if possible, I respond to comments immediately.

I also make it a point to keep my posts fresh by posting every day. At the very most, I post twice a day but I try to keep it down to once. Not too much and not too little is the key.

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Instagram Marketing

Getting the Social Media Likes

When you are doing a great deal of posting on Instagram, it is pretty clear that you are trying to get attention and that makes sense. Ideally, you are using the best images that you can make or find and you are being smart about the captions.

I find that it can usually be a bit tough to get a decent number of likes in the beginning with either one thread or a whole campaign of images. You might find yourself in the same position. I usually do something about it.

First, I make sure that I am posting photos and captions that are really worth sharing. If that is not done, there will be no point in me making any further efforts to get the likes I want. The material has to be likeable and I can understand that. So, the first step is to work for it.

The next thing I do and I almost always do it now is I buy cheap Instagram likes and apply them evenly to different posts that I am making. This boosts the inherent popularity of my posts and also makes them look as though they are gaining a following.

When the illusion is up and the post really looks like it is getting attention, I immediately notice more and more organic likes just rolling in. Along with those come the followers as well. I absolutely love how this works and that is why I am in the habit of doing it.

For me, Instagram is a must. I am involved in network marketing and I find that social media is probably the best platform for really building some solid leads. In fact, it is where I generate most of my active leads.

The followers I get on Instagram are easily converted to being email subscribers too. Even though Instagram does not allow for external links to be displayed on posts, they do allow it in the bio. In the bio is where I make the difference and the call to action.

That is a very good tip for you to follow as well. Make your Instagram bio interesting, brief, sharp, and to the point and always offer some incentive for people to get on your email list. Couple this with interesting posts and you will boost your business.

For the time being, though, it is all about being liked. You want your posts to be popular and liked so you should consider the strategy of buying cheap Instagram likes. See where that takes you. Keep track of the results and you will know you well it works like I do.

Just be sure that you keep all your posts interesting. I try to keep track of all the real likes and followers I get in order to see how well each of my posts is doing. If you do the same, then your efforts will become more effective over time.

Trust the process and use the right strategies at the right times in order to boost your followings by getting more likes.

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